From a Dog’s Point of View


Hey my name is “Z” yeah that’s right the last letter of the alphabet. I heard about this website and wanted to come see what all the fuss was about so here I am. Did you know that man is a dogs best friend.

I really love to help my people.  I’m very good at keeping them busy and helping them channel their energy. I call them by special names “Mom”, “Dad”, and “Baby”.

Sometimes my people just want a little attention. They always like to do a little cuddling. It makes them feel real good, you know, all warm and gooey. That’s when I get some special attention and can get just about whatever I want.  A dog’s got to do what a dog’s gotta do.


People love to go shopping and buy things. I know how much fun they have when they shop so I do my best to give them a reason to do it.  Come on let’s go for a drive.  I love to ride in Mom’s SUV.  It’s really cool, she rolls the window down so I can see out.  We can go to the mall and check out some of the clothes.  Everyone needs a new outfit occasionally.

I’m not sure what went wrong with this. I told them how cold it was, I mean it was snowing.  I was shaking it got so cold.   I really needed a new outfit.  My last coat was in shreds, the baby chewed on it.  It really wasn’t my fault.  They bought me a cap but she got a sweater. I must have done something wrong.

I really love to help my people get some exercise. They like to be flattered and coaxed into exercising. I know its good for them so of course I do what a dog has to do. It’s really for their own good.

Mom likes to go walking and Dad likes to run around and throw things. Baby likes to join us but she requires a lot of attention.  They get tired really fast and they can’t go get the balls they throw. And Wow, their aim is lousy. I’m constantly having to go get the ball for them.

I had to get the ball you know. It’s not my fault that you threw it in the water.  Besides playing in the water is fun, come on why don’t you get in too.  Baby tried to get in the water too, but Dad wouldn’t let her.

The mud dried real fast but made my skin itchy.  Mom and Dad kept talking about parasites, whatever that is.  They kept on talking about it hurting Baby and I had to get a bath.


I mean really don’t you think this is going a little too far.  They told me I needed a hair cut.  I don’t have any hair left.  I’m so humiliated.

Now you want me to watch the baby. I was just doing what I was supposed to do. The rope attacked me.


It’s been a really long day. I think I need a drink.  My favorite beverage of choice is Rum Chata.  Dad and Mom like it too.  Is someone going to open the bottle anytime soon.


A good rest will do the trick.  The cat is snoring right in my ear.  I’m done now.

I hope that you enjoyed my story.  I really love the way that both pictures and words can speak and show us a different perspective.

Pictures speak better than a thousand words.

Check out Images by Mae, she is one of my favorite people.  Get a free giveaway sample of her work.

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