Clean, Be Cleaned or NOT!


I sometimes like to look at the contrast between the same picture.  For example, going from color to black and white.  It is amazing what the difference can be.

The colorful one gives the impressions of life and allows you to feel like you are there working with the janitors cart yourself.  I like how the colors pop and can draw your eye to the yellow trash bag and buckets causing all your focus to be on what kind of work it is made for.

Actually I wouldn’t mind having a nicely organized cart like this in my house, but I wouldn’t have the storage space for it.

Now the black and white one gives you a feeling of nostalgia and creates a feeling of times past.  You feel like maybe at one time you were there working with that cart or maybe it reminds you of other work you have done.

That is what I see when I look at these 2 pictures which are the same but so very different simply because of the color or lack thereof in them.

I’m not saying that everyone can appreciate a picture of a janitors cart but I do like the way these 2 turned out and I do appreciate those who have to work with them.  They can be so under appreciated and this is kind of my way of appreciating them.


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