From a Cup’s Point of View!


A cup can hold all kinds of things. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, etc. etc. Sometimes what the cup holds could taste good and then again not so good.

But what about the cup itself. If you were a cup, which one would you choose?

What do you see when you look at this image? I see a cup with what looks like a delicious coffee. I do love coffee?

Do you see yourself as a disposable coffee. The content is outstanding but the exterior is disposable.  Do you feel like you can just be used and tossed away. Is that how you allow others to treat you?

Do you secretly think that you aren’t worth much and thus you are disposable. Usually, the way you allow yourself to be treated and the way you treat others reflects how you feel and value yourself.

What about this cup? I love the look and feel of this cup. It’s cute and would be a favorite cup to use every day.

I feel like this cup.  Someone that would be a favorite go to person when someone needed something reliable to use. Treasured in its own way but still common enough that you don’t really think too much about taking care of it. All scratched up and chipped. It gets used and then you are done with it. No true love or care, just something to be used.

Here is a set of gorgeous tea cups. Now I’m sure the owners only bring these out on special occasions. They probably wash them with care and place them gently back into what ever place that is designated for them. The owners care for them and value them.  They cherish them as though they are something precious.

Do you see yourself that way? Do you feel beautiful and cherished? Do you treat yourself that way? I know that I don’t but let me be honest with you. You are just as precious and valuable as these beautifully crafted china cups. You shouldn’t let anyone even yourself treat you as less than you are worth. These cups are more than likely worth a good amount just like you.

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